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Calendar Widget Light


The idea of the widget is in its simplicity, there schouldn't be any notes, schedules, alarms or annoying reminders! Only color icons of the days which won't give to forget about such events as work, holiday, training and others.With the help of this widget you can easily create events and with one touch mark the date with chosen color.IMPORTANT!!! It is not a separate calendar application. To get started, go to the widget list and place it on your desktop.
HOW TO USE?Widget is ready for using since the placing on the desktop! You can use two default markers.To add new markers or delete old, go to the settings and edit the markers list according to your preferences.The button "Refresh" is your help if you get lost in the months, years or deleted the markers from the settings, use this button for quick refreshing the widget and solving all your problems!
FUNCTIONAL- The possibility to make marks on the desktop using the markers list- Editing the markers list- The color palette of the markers has twenty most popular colors that suit any style of your device- An attraktive, universal design that will suit both perfectionists and creative persons- The possibility to create a backup of the current state of the widget, markers list and your user settings- Appearance widget.
This widget is FREE! You can use it uinlimited period of time and enjoy this beauty.The free version has limited functional:*The number of markers in personal list is no more than two.*Recovery from the backup is not available.To use widget with the full functional install the PRO version.(
Feedback:If you have any problems, comments, suggestions or other questions, you can use one of the ways of the feedback and get a support from the developer.*Just email me:*The group in VKontakte: